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What is Good?

To learn more about Howard Gardner’s latest book, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Reframed: Educating for Virtues in the Age of Truthiness and Twitter, check out C.M. Rubin’s latest installment in her ‘Global Search for Education’ series. The interview between Rubin and Gardner is featured on The Huffington Post – Education website.

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American Dreams, American Realities

In this recent blog entry for WBUR, Boston’s NPR affiliate, Howard Gardner emphasizes the importance of the GoodWork Project by exploring our nation’s continual departure from the ideals on which this country was founded.

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‘One Size Fits All’ Teaching Doesn’t Work

While at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Howard Gardner was interviewed by genConnect. In this interview, Gardner discusses how the individualization of the education system can help improve our country and make our society happier.

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