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Digital Technology and Education

Visit the Nesta website today to watch this interview with Howard Gardner and find out what he believes digital technologies can offer learning and the potential threats they pose to a well-rounded education.

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Citizens University

Visit The Guiding Lights Network’s website today to register for Citizen University. This aspiring annual conference on the art of great citizenship will take place on March 23, 2013 at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington. Last year’s conference sold out, so register now, ensuring you will be able to see Howard Gardner speak on […]

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Reframing Education

During a recent trip to London, Howard Gardner presented at Nesta, an independent charity organization serving the United Kingdom. The talk, which you can watch by visiting the Nesta website, focused on a study of the ways in which young people in America today differ from those of earlier decades, with particular attention to the digital […]

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Reframing Ethics in a Digital World

Visit the DML Research Hub to check out their interview with Howard Gardner about education, morality, and ‘goodness’ in a digital age. 

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