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Achieving Good Work

The most recent edition of NewPhilosopher Magazine features an article by Howard Gardner. In this article, “Achieving Good Work,” Howard Gardner discusses the history and findings of The Good Project. Check out the article to learn more about this research initiative.  

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Twenty Years of Ideas

This year marks Demos’ twentieth anniversary as Britain’s leading cross-party think-tank. In a collection of essays, comparing 1993 to today, Twenty Years of Ideas asks the question, “What impact has Demos had in the past twenty years?” To learn the answer to this question and to read Howard Gardner’s fascinating article, “From multiple intelligences to The […]

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roots of empathy

The Role of Empathy in Good Work

In this fascinating video, Howard Gardner discusses the role of empathy in Good Work. More specifically, Gardner expresses his hesitations and concerns about the limitations of empathy and how it can potentially impede Good Work. 

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China Youth Research Center Q&A

In this exclusive interview, Howard Gardner answers a series of questions from Sun Yun Xiao, a researcher for the China Youth Research Center in Bejing. To learn more about MI Theory and how it relates to Chinese education, click here. 

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Good Work Featured in Latest Issue of “Pennsylvania Nurse”

In the cover story of the Spring 2013 issue of Pennsylvania Nurse, Joan Miller, Associate Professor at Bloomsburg University, discusses how good work applies to the nursing profession. To see the full issue, visit The Good Project website. 

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