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Bloomberg EDU Podcast

Visit the Bloomberg Radio website today to listen to Howard Gardner and James Steyer discuss how media and technology are affecting children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

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Correspondence on Beauty

Dear Dr. Gardner, I was very interested in your book “Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Reframed.”   I propose for your consideration another way of looking at Beauty. I believe that we look at art simultaneously in two ways: the Eye explores it, and the Brain assesses it.  Your book seems to be concerned with the […]

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Katie and Howard

92Y – The App Generation

On Monday, December 9th at 8:15pm, co-authors Howard Gardner and Katie Davis will be talking at the 92nd Street Y about their recently published book, The App Generation.  Visit the 92Y website today to learn more about the event and to purchase tickets before it’s too late!

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Ask the Expert

Visit the Other Side of Organized website today to read through Howard Gardner’s recent Q&A, the latest entry in the “Ask the Expert” interview series! 

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