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Official MI Theory Website

Interested in learning more about Multiple Intelligences Theory? Then visit the Official Authoritative Site of Multiple Intelligences at MI-OASIS! Join the discussion, ask questions, and read through Howard Gardner’s thoughts on the most recent developments in the field of education.  The website can be accessed at 

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It’s an App App App App World!

In her most recent entry on the Global Search for Education blog, CM Rubin discusses The App Generation with co-authors Howard Gardner and Katie Davis. To learn more, and to read through this informative Q&A, visit the Huffington Post website today. 

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Are apps becoming a human crutch?

In this Seattle Times Op-Ed, Howard Gardner and Katie Davis discuss how hyper-knowledgeable, hyper-personalized apps breed app-dependence.

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El Sistema: Music Lessons to Rebuild the World

As a guest on the Open Source radio show, Howard Gardner participated in a discussion on the ‘El Sistema’ way of music learning. To learn more, and to hear Howard’s views on this innovative Venezuelan experiment, visit the podcast website today! 

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