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The Impact of a Course on Good Work

Howard Gardner is pleased to announce that a new report has been posted on the Good Project website ( which analyzes the long-term life effects of a graduate-level course on Good Work. To learn more visit the website today! 

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Creativity Study

Fewer Tests, Not More

On the surface, it could appear as if I were in enthusiastic agreement with John Mayer. After all, he calls for more attention to creativity, and for tests of musical, spatial, and emotional (interpersonal/intrapersonal) intelligence.  Shouldn’t this hymn of praise to psychometrics be music to the ears of an advocate of Multiple Intelligences? And yet, […]

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Photo By Tamell Simons

Katie Davis at Town Hall – Seattle

On Wednesday, April 23rd, at 6:00pm, Howard Gardner’s co-author, Katie Davis, will be discussing The App Generation at Town Hall in Seattle, as a part of the Civics series. To purchase tickets and to learn more, visit the Town Hall website today!  

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Teenage angst in a digital world

FT Magazine recently release an article exploring how the perennial power struggle between adolescents and their parents moved online, and then became a commercial product. Visit the FT Magazine website to learn more!

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Management Gurus

We are excited to announce that Howard Gardner has been ranked as 11th on a list of the World’s Top Management Professionals for 2014.  To learn more about this ranking, which was put together by Global Gurus, visit their website today! 

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