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Mind, Work, and Life

A Festschrift on the Occasion of Howard Gardner’s 70th Birthday Howard Gardner, noted psychologist and educator, turned 70 in 2013. To commemorate this occasion, Mindy Kornhaber and Ellen Winner invited colleagues to contribute essays in Gardner’s honor. One hundred and sixteen scholarly colleagues—Gardner’s teachers, peers, fellow scholars, and former students—responded to this invitation. In essays […]

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How Apps Are Shaping A Generation

Visit the WGBH website today to watch Howard Gardner’s lecture on how apps are shaping a generation! 

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The Funnel Effect

A fascinating and enlightening conversation between Howard Gardner and Dean Michael Smith has been added as an appendix to Margot Locker, Lynn Barendsen, and Wendy Fischman’s paper on “The Funnel Effect.” Check out the new, revised version of the paper today! The Funnel Effect: How Elite College Culture Narrows Students’ Perceptions of Post-Collegiate Career Opportunities […]

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Katie Davis Featured in The New Yorker

Katie Davis’ work on The App Generation is discussed in Maria Konnikova’s recent article, “I Want You to Know that I’m Tyrion Lannister.” To learn more about the draw of internet quizzes, and how they relate to the “app generation,” visit the New Yorker website today!  

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History as a Blog

In the following correspondence, Howard Gardner discusses with Sue Kozel, a teacher at several higher education institutions, her reactions to The App Generation, and how it pertains to her students’ research papers and computer history games.  *** Dear Dr. Gardner, I read your book The App Generation, and found it very insightful in helping me better […]

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