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The Literati Scene Interviews Howard Gardner

In August 2014, Howard Gardner appeared on the local Boston-area program “The Literati Scene,” hosted by Smoki Bacon and Dick Conannon, to discuss The App Generation. Watch the interview below to learn about the insights garnered from the creation of the book. 

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There’s No App for Good Teaching

Howard Gardner and Katie Davis are both featured in an article from TED about integrating technology to improve the classroom. Drawing on research from their book The App Generation, Gardner and Davis advocate for the open-ended use of technology to force students to draw on inner strengths and suggest that parents and educators question the purposes […]

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Video on Positive Psychology Features Good Work

A YouTube video covering the meaning of positive psychology mentions Project Zero‘s Good Work Project and Howard Gardner! In addition to touching upon other concepts like flow and mindfulness, the video describes the facets of Good Work and how and why the project can help individuals find fulfillment. Watch the video below, and look out at the 3:28 mark to […]

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Students React to “The App Generation”

At the start of the 2014 school year, Marty Schmidt, a teacher at the Hong Kong International School, introduced his students to Katie Davis and Howard Gardner’s book The App Generation in his junior-senior elective course “Service, Society, and the Sacred.” Schmidt asked students to read particular sections of the book and to reflect on […]

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Gardner Discusses the Traditional College Experience

Howard Gardner and Project Zero researcher Wendy Fischman have been working on a new project on the traditional college experience. In June 2014, Gardner traveled to Aspen, Colorado, to attend the annual Aspen Ideas Festival. While there, he participated in a recorded interview with reporters from The Atlantic concerning the future of  four-year residential university education. […]

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