Multiple Wits and Good Grit

Howard Gardner has written a guest article in Valerie Strauss’s “Answer Sheet” blog on educational topics in The Washington Post.

In this piece, Gardner asks, “What does it take to succeed?” Relating his earlier work on multiple intelligences to more recent research on The Good Project, he concludes that one needs wits (plural), by using our various intellectual capacities, as well as grit, a quality that denotes work ethic and perseverance, so long as it is directed in a positive direction, in order to achieve success. In this way, Gardner meshes his theory of MI with the excellence, ethics, and engagement of the Good Project enterprise and presents them as complementary keys to serving our communities well. 

Gardner’s final takeaway is a short statement that encapsulates these ideas: “Multiple Wits and Good Grit Lead to a Success Beyond Selfies.” 

Read the full article via The Washington Post’s “Answer Sheet.”


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