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Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Re-Reframed

In January 2015, Howard Gardner gave a three-part lecture series at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on the topic of the virtues of truth, beauty, and goodness. Based on his 2011 book Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Reframed, Gardner shared his current thinking about how to impart the virtues in a postmodern, digitally-saturated era. After […]

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Good Grit vs. Bad Grit

The Huffington Post has published a blog post by Howard Gardner and Jeffrey Beard in which they discuss the concept of “grit.”  Appearing in C.M. Rubin’s “The Global Search for Education” column and following a Q&A format, Gardner and Beard comment on how to know whether a project has good grit or bad grit, how to foster […]

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A Hush Falls Over the Crowd

Good Project researchers Emily Weinstein, Margaret Rundle, and Carrie James have published an article in the International Journal of Communication. Titled “A Hush Falls Over the Crowd?: Diminished Online Civic Expression Among Young Civic Actors,” the article reports on a longitudinal study that found that youth who reported their civic views on social media tended to […]

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The App Generation in Hong Kong

In November 2014, Howard Gardner travelled to Hong Kong to deliver two talks and to accept an honorary degree from the Hong Kong Institute of Education at the commencement ceremony celebrating that institution’s twentieth year.  During his visit, Gardner spoke with reporters about The App Generation, his book about the effects of digital media on youth, […]

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Italian Press Coverage for The App Generation

Howard Gardner and Katie Davis’s The App Generation has received a flurry of publicity in Italy. Four separate Italian periodicals published articles about the book in the fall of 2014, providing exposure to Italian-speaking audiences to the power of digital media to change the way that youths interact with the world, their peers, and themselves. Click on […]

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