Education Update Reviews The App Generation

Education Update, a monthly news magazine covering educational topics, has featured a review of Howard Gardner and Katie Davis’s book The App Generation in their March/April 2015 issue.

Writer Merri Rosenberg covers some of the main points from the book in her review, including the conception among youth of life as a series of apps and the variable effects of technology on creativity (lower creative ability in literary pursuits but enhanced creativity in visual arts). Overall, Gardner and Davis are not technophobes but instead argue that new digital medias and technological advances should be used responsibly to enhance our minds and lives, not limit them. To quote from The App Generation, “the birth of apps need not destroy the human capacities to generate new issues and new solutions,” and we can learn to approach problems “with the aid of technology when helpful and otherwise to rely on one’s wit.”

To read the review in full via Education Update, please click here


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