The Good Teacher Toolkit

Project Zero’s The Good Project, co-founded by Howard Gardner, has spent two decades investigating topics like Good Work, ethics, collaboration, and youth engagement with digital media.

In April 2015, the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Usable Knowledge portal, which provides practical tips, tools, and information for educators, featured the Good Project’s resources most helpful to teachers in the classroom. 

Some of the materials and frameworks available to teachers include:

  • The Good Work Toolkit, a resource available as a free PDF that includes dilemmas and activities that can help students and education professionals alike understand “good work” and ethical nuances
  • A case study about how one school community implemented a Good Work program
  • Books, other toolkits, papers, a newsletter and more!

Click here to read the full Usable Knowledge article today.

Additionally, please visit the Good Project website for the latest news and information about its various initiatives and and free resources.


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