Is the “app mentality” killing creativity?

Katie Davis and Howard Gardner’s 2013 book The App Generation has been featured in an article from T.H.E. Journal (Technological Horizons in Education).

In the detailed piece, Davis and Gardner outline the most salient points gleaned from the research that led to the book, including the tendency of today’s youth to see their lives as a series of apps, termed “app mentality,” which creates an expectation for immediate answers to life’s questions and a one-track life trajectory. The authors also explain the study that demonstrated a decrease in language creativity but increase in visual creativity in the work of young people over the past two decades.

Davis and Gardner conclude by recommending that we all need time away from our devices in order to reflect. During such “down time,” the brain enters a kind of “default mode” and make larger connections between concepts and events, which is especially key to the development of self-awareness and empathy in children.

Click here to read the article in full via T.H.E. Journal.


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