Publicity for The App Generation

Howard Gardner and Katie Davis’s book The App Generation continues to be referenced in the press two years after its release. In September-October 2015, the following publications featured the book in articles about the effects of digital technology on society:

Sherry Turkle’s op-ed in the New York Times about the psychological results of omnipresent digital devices cites Gardner and Davis’s use of the term “app generation” to refer to the impatient, app-driven instincts of many young people today

-A Sentinel & Enterprise columnist references The App Generation in a discussion about how smartphones are influencing youth today (although somewhat oversimplifying the argument of the book, which does not advocate that such technology be “quarantined” but instead used smartly)

-A presentation in Trinidad and Tobago incorporated ideas from the book in a talk for business managers who want to further understand generational differences, as reported by The Guardian Trinidad and Tobago

-The constraining tendencies of social media and online tools on the reformulation of young people’s identities was the focus of a Pickens Sentinel article that focuses on The App Generation‘s argument

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