A Future for the Professions?

Howard Gardner has recently launched a new blog called “The Professional Ethicist” via the Good Project’s website! In this series, Gardner discusses in-depth vexed ethical issues that arise in the workplace and also in other sectors of society based on his years of research with the Good Project.

Below, Gardner explained the decision to name the blog “The Professional Ethicist” and also a rationale for its existence:

“1) the blog will largely address questions that arise in one or more professions, ranging from law and medicine to education and journalism; and 2) except for a few philosophers who write generally about ethics, most individuals are interested in the ethics of particular vocations or areas of focus. In the blog, we will deliberately cast our net widely, across the professional landscape and beyond. My aspiration is that others will also contribute; we’ll feature conversations and interactive forums; and this blog will become a “go-to” place for many who crave careful considerations of the most challenging issues that arise in work and life. We want the blog to become interactive in content and form; we plan to structure some blogs as dialogues between us and members of other organizations and seek a robust commentary from readers.”

With the post “Is There a Future for the Professions? An Interim Verdict,” Gardner officially launched “The Professional Ethicist” by using this longer-form piece to express some of the challenges facing the professions in the present day in addition to offering a historical, economic, and technical summary of why the professions may be threatened in current society.

Click here to read the post, and please feel free to comment, share, and write to us!




One Comment on “A Future for the Professions?”

  1. jordi ludevid anglada, architect, past president of Union Profesional española May 25, 2020 at 7:59 am #

    I would like to contact professor H Gardner to coment with him about my work and next book “Professional Cities”.

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