Recent Foreign Press for MI

Howard Gardner and the theory of multiple intelligences have received a variety of mentions in foreign periodicals and publications over the past few months.

Outlined below are links to several articles concerning the implementation of MI theory in practice in the classroom and Gardner’s views of the meaning of intelligence. Click the linked text to view each specific article.

  • Spain’s version of Blasting News featured an interview with journalist Arián Zargarán about MI and education that discusses how educators are able to cater to different intelligence profiles and how to prepare students for the careers of the future
  • In the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong, reporter Robin Cheung uses MI to analyze Chinese Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou, holding her up as an example of someone who used her particular intelligences to her advantage and to good ends
  • McGill University of Montreal, Canada, held a lecture by Prof. Patrick Hansen about how the component intelligences of MI theory are present in opera performance
  • French news site L’Alsace released a story about teachers using MI in the classroom, part of a recent wave of interest in multiple intelligences in the francophone world
  • Finally, 50 students from 12 schools in Gurgaon and New Delhi in India participated in a multiple intelligences-themed competition with activities designed to stimulate different abilities, according to The Hans India

We are excited by the continued use of MI in countries across the world over three decades since the publication of Frames of Mind, which first outlined the theory in 1983.


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