Is Donald Trump a Narcissist?

With the presidential election season in the United States heating up even further as the state primaries approach, a great amount of media attention has been focused on Donald Trump’s controversial campaign for the Republican nomination.

Vanity Fair questioned the mental health of Trump in an article titled “Is Donald Trump Actually a Narcissist? Therapists Weigh In!”. Howard Gardner was consulted for the piece and is quoted as saying that Trump is “remarkably narcissistic” but that the more interesting question is the mental states of his many supporters.

Click here to read the full article via Vanity Fair.

A similar article citing Gardner’s views subsequently appeared on the Brazilian site UOL. Click here to read that piece (Portuguese). 


2 Comments on “Is Donald Trump a Narcissist?”

  1. Marty March 13, 2016 at 1:26 am #

    Dr Gardner, if you review the Trump comments from tonight, 3/12 started around 7 est.. and he’s been on a non stop rambling speech of one random thought after another. I wonder if you will find more pathological tendencies and simply a narcissist. clearly he would seem the definition of a sociopath, but i wonder if he goes beyond the pale and is really bordering on pathological disorder. His voice changes up and down in volume, and just now, said about a protester, ‘are you with us or against us’. He’s perhaps paranoid as well? Trump is going to press charges against protesters .. He’s ignoring freedom of speech?

    Anyway, i read the article you wrote , but i wonder if he’s far worse than your initial assessment. i’m sure it’s available online. He’s reading a poem. Really. I think he’s going insane. Can a presidential candidate be removed from running for mental disorder?

    oops it’s not a poem.. it’s a johnny rivers song..

    if perhaps you’re watching this please tell me/the world if he’s insane.


  2. Dolce Ellison March 13, 2016 at 6:22 am #

    I believe that anyone who enjoys media attention with such fervor is a narcissist, and given his current behavior in regards to his discourse he is also a demagogue.

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