Living in the Digital Era

For the past several years, Howard Gardner has focused a lot of his research on the effects of the digital revolution on society, particularly as these changes relate to young people’s use of media, their sense of identity, and their civic participation habits. On projects like the Good Project’s Good Play investigation, the MacArthur Foundation’s Youth and Participatory Politics network, and the book The App Generation, Gardner and colleagues have explored the way that online connectivity and devices are shaping society and youth in particular.

Several newer articles in the media have focused on this work. An outline of these articles is below:

-December 3, 2015: Gardner wrote about “The Good Citizen in the Digital Era” for the Huffington Post about bringing productive citizenship back to the forefront

-December 9, 2015: TimesUnion released an op-ed by Frank Robinson outlining The App Generation‘s main arguments and summarizing takeaways for readers

-December 10, 2015: The blog “Women’s Voices for Change” also referenced The App Generation in a post about the isolating effects of digital media called “Alone Together”

-January 18, 2016: An article in the New York Post about colleges looking at the social media profiles of applicants drew on research from The App Generation about the frequently narcissistic nature of social media

-February 6, 2016: German periodical Der Spiegel published a feature about The App Generation, interviewing co-authors Gardner and Katie Davis about their research and findings

Click on any of the links above to read the full articles and learn more about this exciting realm of work!


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