Continued Attention for MI

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences was first presented in 1983 with the publication of the book Frames of Mind. Over thirty years later, MI still receives a steady stream of publicity due to its impact on education and understandings of human potential.

Several articles released in early 2016 dealing with MI have facilitated continued interest in the theory. These articles are outlined below:

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2 Comments on “Continued Attention for MI”

  1. tatitu61 April 18, 2016 at 12:39 pm #

    I am not convinced about your MI theory. Intelligence is just one hability and nothing but just one, but express in different ways by every person. Like love. Is just one feeling, that you express different to each person, animal or thing, but just the same feeling depend on the relation, enviroment, or confidence. Human can learn how to show love to the people or things that love, according to the rules of his or her society. Some people are good in mechanical actions, some creating, others finding shortcuts to do things, some are multitasking, and those one are usually considered more intelligents. Only an individual with severe brain damage has no intelligence at all.

    And there is no way to apply Scientific Method to human beings, so, it is impossible to get same response from the same individual, using Scientific Method, because human being have the power to decide how to answer, and maybe same individual will be asked one million times under the same conditions, and maybe will answer one million times the same answer or one million answers.

    If you cannot use Scientific Method you cannot do real science. Maybe you take the same individual and ask the same question at different ages under the sames conditions and you will get different answers each time, because the life experience will give new knowledge and new perspectives . So, you cannot go further of a simple theory, and this theory will never be a law to explain behavior of the humans and there is no science at all, but just a good paycheck.

    This is why Psychology is just a good show to see and have fun. No science at all, no laws, no trascendental knowledge.

  2. ANGIE KATHERINE NIETO RUEDA May 4, 2016 at 10:28 pm #

    My name is Angie Katherine Nieto Rueda, I have nineteen years old and living in Colombia, preschool education undergraduate study at the University of Santo Tomas Bucaramanga. and I love his work and his theory of multiple intelligences, I admire a lot is a great and very intelligent man, I do not expect reply to this message but I want you to know how grateful I am to his theory, the day that I discovered the love immediately and my graduation project revolves around in his theory, i want to design workshops that promote multiple intelligences in the preschool level.
    I do not annoying more and thank you for all your work !!
    God bless and continue filling with intelligence and success.
    a fan fondly.

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