2016 Future of Learning Institute

Registration is now open for the 2016 Future of Learning Institute, a conference organized by Project Zero in conjunction with the Harvard Graduate School of Education!

See below for a summary of the themes that the conference will explore, and click here for a PDF of this summary along with a draft schedule. Register today via Project Zero.

The Future of Learning Institute at Project Zero gathers educators from around the world to examine how learning is changing in our increasingly global and digital societies. The institute also facilitates the acquisition of practical tools to support deep, relevant, and long-lasting learning in a changing educational landscape.

We will explore four key questions:

I. Learning for what purpose? What are the purposes that guide our educational efforts; how are they being articulated by others and in my own work?
II. How might we rethink learning? How do we need to rethink the what, who, and how of learning in our dynamic global and digital times?
III. What should we do differently? What should I, and others, do differently in our teaching, learning and leadership to meet the new digital and global demands in practice?
IV. How might we recast the education profession? What is our role as responsible professionals in Education in an increasingly digital and globally interdependent world?

To address these questions, we bring together leading scholars and practitioners whose work sheds light on the changing nature of learning in today’s societies. The institute will focus on nurturing citizenships in a global and digital time. You will explore this theme through a dynamic combination of plenary sessions, interactive courses and reflection groups. Over three days you will become familiar with emerging research and innovative practices and find time to reflect with colleagues from around the world. You will craft an informed personal professional vision and a tool set suitable to your professional context.


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