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What Makes Collaboration Work?

From 2009-2015, Howard Gardner and other researchers from The Good Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education engaged in research on “Good Collaboration,” interviewing individuals involved in cross-organizational partnerships to see what worked and what didn’t in collaborative experiences. This research resulted in the creation of the Good Collaboration Toolkit, a resource that guides participates […]

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MI Theory Makes Headlines

The theory of multiple intelligences, first described by Howard Gardner in 1983’s Frames of Mind, is now in its thirty third year of existence and application. Across the educational landscape and beyond, MI theory continues to be a widely-discussed topic of interest that still grabs headlines. Below is a list of several recent articles about MI. […]

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Remembering Jerome Bruner

On Sunday, June 5, renowned psychologist Jerome S. Bruner passed away at the age of 100. An influential thinker throughout his 70-year career, Bruner’s scholarship spanned the realms of education, child development, perception, and problem solving and has had an influence on generations of others across the social sciences. Howard Gardner’s own work in the areas […]

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Advocating for “Good Grit” and MI

In early May 2016, Howard Gardner traveled to Arizona in order to visit both Arizona State University’s Tempe campus and Kids at Hope, an organization dedicated to supporting positivity and success for all children. At ASU, Gardner gave his popular talk “Beyond Wit and Grit” about intelligence and perseverance as keys to academic (and life) success, so […]

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