Advocating for “Good Grit” and MI

In early May 2016, Howard Gardner traveled to Arizona in order to visit both Arizona State University’s Tempe campus and Kids at Hope, an organization dedicated to supporting positivity and success for all children.

At ASU, Gardner gave his popular talk “Beyond Wit and Grit” about intelligence and perseverance as keys to academic (and life) success, so long as those capacities are directed in an ethical direction that is beneficial for society. “What matters is using your wit and grit to become a good person, a good worker, and a good citizen,” said Gardner during the talk, as quoted in an article released by ASU with some of the highlights of the experience.

Secondly, for the audience at Kids at Hope, Gardner discussed the theory of multiple intelligences, a well-known and widely applied theory in education that posits that human intelligence is not monolithic but is comprised of a number of different and separate capacities. Click here to read about the institute at which Gardner spoke and to access a copy of the slides from his well-received presentation.


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