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Two Surprising MI Fans

Howard Gardner’s most well-known contribution to psychology, the theory of multiple intelligences (MI), has been extensive employed in educational contexts since its proposal in the 1983 book Frames of Mind. Today, thousands of educators across the world use MI theory as an integral part of their classrooms or as a foundational philosophy of their schools. As the […]

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“Ethical Leadership” Course Features Gardner

In the spring of 2016, Boston University offered a MOOC (massive open online course) on “Ethical Leadership: Character, Civility, and Community” taught by Dr. Walter Fluker, Professor of Ethical Leadership. As a part of the offerings of this course, Howard Gardner participated in an interview in which he discussed leadership trends and ethics with Fluker. Portions […]

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Journalism and Disinterestedness

What does it mean for a journalist to be “disinterested”? What is the purpose of maintaining a disinterested stance for journalism as a profession? Is there a time when journalists should break with disinterestedness as a value and voice an opinion? These are the questions that Howard Gardner asks in a new blog post via his […]

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Is Philanthropy a Profession?

Howard Gardner has released two posts on his blog “The Professional Ethicist” via The Good Project about the philanthropy sector. In these two pieces, Gardner outlines several different types of philanthropic giving strategies, some current trends in the sector, and his thoughts on whether philanthropy is a professional domain.  Click the links below to read the posts: […]

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