Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and the US Election

In the weeks following Election Day, many news outlets have devoted significant attention to analyzing the trends and conditions that led to the victory of Donald Trump for the American presidency.

Released on The Huffington Post, The Professional Ethicist, and Cathy Rubin’s CMRubinWorld, Howard Gardner has written a piece that looks at the election through the lenses of truth, beauty, and goodness. These three virtues, according to Gardner’s estimation, had a significant impact on the outcome in unexpected ways. Gardner probes how conceptions of truth guided the electorate, which candidate was able to create “beautiful” experiences, and how goodness likely factored into the voting decisions of millions of Americans.

Read Gardner’s post via The Professional Ethicist, and read it in Q&A format with Cathy Rubin at The Huffington Post.

A slightly different version of this article also appeared in TES.


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