Test a New Online Module from The Good Project

The Good Project, a research unit of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is excited to announce the launch of a completely new and online module for students based on the GoodWork Toolkit.

CLICK HERE to access the prototype and to give your feedback!

The Good Project team, including Howard Gardner, has researched topics like good work, digital citizenship, responsibility, and ethics for two decades. This module was created with a teenage audience in mind with the hope that educators will find it useful in sparking discussions of ethics, values, and responsibility in middle and high school classrooms. The module consists of:

  • two animated narrative dilemmas, each with reflection questions and a follow-up activity that asks about the character’s values; and
  • an activity to help young people think about their own values and desires with reflection questions.

As you navigate the unit, please take the time to fill out the survey (link also on the home screen) with your feedback about what works well and how we can improve. Alternatively, you can email Danny Mucinskas at daniel_mucinskas@harvard.edu with your thoughts.

We also welcome contact from people who may be able to test this unit with students in a classroom. Please get in touch with Danny with your plans or feedback if so, especially if you are located locally.

This module was created in partnership with FableVision, a Boston-based digital design studio.


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