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Reflections on Education in the Arts

In honor of the Museum of Modern Art’s 80th year of museum education programming, Howard Gardner has written a contribution on Medium in which he reflects on what his fifty years of experience have taught him about education in the arts. Click here to read the piece in full via Medium, in which Gardner discusses […]

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The Arts Have Much More to Teach Us

In the sea of claims about arts education, especially the idea that study of the arts leads to higher academic achievement overall, what is true, and what calls for more research? In a piece for Education Week, Howard Gardner and Ellen Winner reflect on this question, calling for further examination of artistic thinking and practice. […]

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Learning in a New Key

I am probably fairly typical. I remember my freshman year in college—and indeed the first weeks of my freshman year—more vividly than comparable later (or earlier) periods of my education. I remember each of my classes, the teachers, the classmates, the setting, and even some of the lessons and readings. Psychologists call this “the primacy […]

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Positive Transformations: A Key Goal of Education

Along with such phrases as “leadership qualities” and “critical and creative thinking,” the term “transformation” is often invoked in discussions of the possible and of the positive effects of higher education. I’ve been known to utter and to type this buzzword as well. By definition, most experiences cannot be transformative. The vast majority of our […]

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Raising Children Who Care About the Greater Good

In an era in which stakes are high for success and so much seems to be going awry in public life, how can we raise kids who care about the common good? This is the question posed in a blog in The Washington Post by Howard Gardner and his HGSE colleague Rick Weissbourd, Faculty Director […]

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