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On Good Leadership: Reflections on Leading Minds After 25 Years

By Howard Gardner Once I had begun to write about the varieties of human intelligence (Gardner, 1983/2011), people frequently asked me about the intelligences that leaders have—as well as the ones that leaders lack or do not need. As I pondered this question—which I’ll return to below—I formulated ideas about how leaders function, what makes […]

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Lectures on Intelligence, Creativity, and Leadership

In January 2017, Howard Gardner delivered a series of three lectures at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. These lectures revisited three topics that Gardner has studied over many years: intelligence, creativity, and leadership. Having written books about each of these threads (see his work on MI, Creating Minds, and Leading Minds), about half of each […]

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“Ethical Leadership” Course Features Gardner

In the spring of 2016, Boston University offered a MOOC (massive open online course) on “Ethical Leadership: Character, Civility, and Community” taught by Dr. Walter Fluker, Professor of Ethical Leadership. As a part of the offerings of this course, Howard Gardner participated in an interview in which he discussed leadership trends and ethics with Fluker. Portions […]

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