Higher Education in the 21st Century

harvard campusOver the past eight years, our research team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has carried out an ambitious study of non-vocational higher education in the United States.

During five years of on-site research, we interviewed over 2000 individuals on 10 disparate campuses—incoming students, graduating students, faculty, administrators, parents, young alums, trustees, and job recruiters We covered numerous aspects of higher education, including the academic program and campus life. For the past two years, we have been analyzing these data using quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as “big data” searches.

We are currently writing a book which summarizes our findings as well as recommendations for individuals, institutions, and the sector. Wendy Fischman is the senior author.

Some of our “takeaways” from the research are available via the blog Life-Long Learning on this website. In addition, we would are pleased to share other publications we have written as well as press about our study and findings. We look forward to updating this list and sharing more information in the period ahead. For their support over the years, we thank our dedicated team of researchers as well as our senior adviser Richard Light.

The project has been funded by initial and continuing gifts from Paula and Jim Crown and from Thomas H. Lee and Ann Tenenbaum, wonderfully supportive philanthropists. We acknowledge with special gratitude The Endeavor Foundation, which has both generously funded our work for over two decades and has offered especially important and timely support for this project. We gratefully acknowledge additional support from Jackie and Mike Bezos, The Carnegie Corporation of New York (two grants), The Meyer and Raena Hammerman Foundation, The Lumina Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (two grants), The Spencer Foundation (two grants), The Teagle Foundation, The Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation (three gifts), and three anonymous funders.

-Howard Gardner, Principal Investigator and Wendy Fischman, Project Director

Scholarly Articles

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Gardner, H. & Fischman, W. (2019). Towards quality higher education: Barriers and enablers. In O. Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia (Ed.), Frontiers and advances in Positive Learning in the Age of informaTiOn (PLATO) (pp. 9-20). Wiesbaden, Germany: Springer VS.

News Articles

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*We have also presented at schools which participated in our study to report findings.