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The Mental Health Enigma: One Size Does Not Fit All (Part I)

By Wendy Fischman The state of mental health on college campuses has become a major topic of conversation. In recent months, media outlets ranging from The Chronicle of Higher Education to Foreign Affairs have featured stories about how campuses have been inundated with reports of students’ personal problems. When we began our study of higher […]

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Takeaways from an Esteemed Advocate of Liberal Arts Education

By Julie Kidd Introduced by Howard Gardner Julie Kidd is President of The Endeavor Foundation in New York City, a position she has held since 1975. As part of her Foundation work, Kidd has spent several decades supporting, developing, and advocating for liberal arts programs, within the United States and also abroad. We have known […]

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Steps Toward Free Speech on Campus

When we began our study of higher education seven years ago, we had clear expectations about what we would hear from various constituencies. Our predictions were frequently off the mark. We had expected to hear a lot about political disputes on campus, but in fact, across constituencies, we heard much more about personal problems: student […]

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Gardner Named to Top 30 Management Professionals

Howard Gardner has been named #18 on a 2019 ranking of the top 30 management professionals. The annual list from Global Gurus compiles the profiles of influential and inspirational leaders and speakers in management theory and strategy.  To learn more about this ranking, and to see the full list visit the Global Gurus website here. […]

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Longing to Belong: An Important Issue for Higher Education

by Wendy Fischman In higher education, the context can shift quickly. When we began our national study in 2012, higher education seemed to be highly valued (funding for Pell grants nearly doubled), MOOCs were on the rise, and “liberal arts” as a form of education was admired and emulated in many parts of the world. […]

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