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Leadership and Storytelling

A September 2014 op-ed piece in The Algemeiner, an American Jewish newspaper, draws on the work of Howard Gardner to illustrate the importance of storytelling. Referencing the book Leading Minds, writer Jonathan Sacks describes the relevance to the Jewish community of Gardner’s idea that ability to tell a particular story is integral to leadership. Visit The Algemeiner‘s website […]

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The Digital Marketplace for Student Notes

In September 2014, the Boston Globe interviewed Howard Gardner for an article concerning the emerging online industry of selling student notes to other students. Cengage Learning is launching a new digital marketplace, in partnership with Flashnotes, in which users can buy and sell course notes and materials, billed at the “Airbnb of education.” However, the […]

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Turkish Magazine Speaks with Gardner About MI

In the summer of 2014, BUMED, the monthly alumni magazine of the Turkish school Boğaziçi University, interviewed Howard Gardner about his theory of multiple intelligences. Drawing from a previous interview with the Israeli periodical Educational Echoes, Gardner discusses MI theory, its implications, and his ideas about educational policies. Read the interview in it’s entirety here.

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The Literati Scene Interviews Howard Gardner

In August 2014, Howard Gardner appeared on the local Boston-area program “The Literati Scene,” hosted by Smoki Bacon and Dick Conannon, to discuss The App Generation. Watch the interview below to learn about the insights garnered from the creation of the book. 

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There’s No App for Good Teaching

Howard Gardner and Katie Davis are both featured in an article from TED about integrating technology to improve the classroom. Drawing on research from their book The App Generation, Gardner and Davis advocate for the open-ended use of technology to force students to draw on inner strengths and suggest that parents and educators question the purposes […]

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