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Gardner Speaks with “Bridging the Gaps”

The Irish podcast program “Bridging the Gaps” has released its interview with Howard Gardner! Speaking about the development of multiple intelligences theory, the concepts behind the book Five Minds for the Future, and his most recently published text The App Generation, Gardner gives an overview of some of the key research that has compelled him over […]

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Tapping into Strengths Through MI

The Parent Toolkit blog, a website devoted to helping parents navigate the educations of their children from pre-Kindergarten through high school, has released a post by Thomas Hoerr, Head of the New City School, about how to use Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences to tap into potential and boost performance. Hoerr, who has been working with […]

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Disinterestedness in the Digital Era

Howard Gardner’s chapter “Reclaiming Disinterestedness for the Digital Era,” about the modern importance of maintaining disinterested and impartial behavior in the professions, has been included in the recently published book From Voice to Influence: Understanding Citizenship in a Digital Era, edited by Danielle Allen and Jennifer Light. A full description of this newly-released text is […]

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Is the “app mentality” killing creativity?

Katie Davis and Howard Gardner’s 2013 book The App Generation has been featured in an article from T.H.E. Journal (Technological Horizons in Education). In the detailed piece, Davis and Gardner outline the most salient points gleaned from the research that led to the book, including the tendency of today’s youth to see their lives as a […]

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Changing the Mindset of Education

An article in the Huffington Post‘s Education section has referenced Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in a call for greater empowerment of students’ abilities. Columnists Arina Bokas and Rod Rock draw on Carol Dweck’s research to delineate two mindsets about success in education: 1) a fixed mindset where people believe that their achievements are due […]

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