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Management Gurus

We are excited to announce that Howard Gardner has been ranked as 11th on a list of the World’s Top Management Professionals for 2014.  To learn more about this ranking, which was put together by Global Gurus, visit their website today! 

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The iGeneration

Visit the Daily Mail website today to read the recent review of Howard Gardner and Katie Davis’ The App Generation.

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How Technology Is Changing Us

In his most recent contribution to the WBUR Cognoscenti Blog, Howard Gardner, along with co-author Katie Davis, discusses the effects of technology on today’s youth. 

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How and Where Does Learning Thrive?

Visit the CASIE website today to learn more about the upcoming Project Zero Perspectives conference in Memphis, Tennessee!  

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Official MI Theory Website

Interested in learning more about Multiple Intelligences Theory? Then visit the Official Authoritative Site of Multiple Intelligences at MI-OASIS! Join the discussion, ask questions, and read through Howard Gardner’s thoughts on the most recent developments in the field of education.  The website can be accessed at http://www.multipleintelligencesoasis.org. 

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