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John F. Kennedy and the Rings of Responsibility

by Howard Gardner For those of us over the age of 70, the name “John F. Kennedy” brings back vivid memories: his youthful energy,  meteoric rise to the presidency,  apparently storybook marriage, event-filled 1000 days in his office—and of course, his tragic assassination and the ill luck that plagued and has continued to plague the […]

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The Liberal Arts By Any Other Name… American Higher Education and Ideas about the Liberal Arts and Sciences

In September 2018, we posted a blog about our impressions of the different ways in which participants understand the term “liberal arts and sciences.” Since then, we have completed a full analysis of these differences. In the following blog, we highlight our major findings. by Christina Smiraglia What does the term ‘liberal arts” mean to […]

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On Good Leadership: Reflections on Leading Minds After 25 Years

By Howard Gardner Once I had begun to write about the varieties of human intelligence (Gardner, 1983/2011), people frequently asked me about the intelligences that leaders have—as well as the ones that leaders lack or do not need. As I pondered this question—which I’ll return to below—I formulated ideas about how leaders function, what makes […]

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Gardner Wins Education Research Award

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) has honored Howard Gardner with the 2020 Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award. It is AERA’s premier honor, granted for outstanding achievement and success in education research. Howard Gardner writes: I am very honored — and also humbled — to receive this recognition from my colleagues in education. In turn, […]

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Taking advantage of college (before it’s too late…)

by Katie Abramowitz On the brink of my senior year of college—possibly in person, possibly online—I know I should be looking to the future and thinking about jobs or graduate school or whatever comes next. Instead, I have found myself preoccupied with a question I wish I had asked myself in earnest four years ago:  […]

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