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Continued Attention for MI

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences was first presented in 1983 with the publication of the book Frames of Mind. Over thirty years later, MI still receives a steady stream of publicity due to its impact on education and understandings of human potential. Several articles released in early 2016 dealing with MI have facilitated continued interest […]

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Good Work for Lawyers

The Practice, a publication of the Harvard Law School that provides critical analysis of the legal profession, has released an interview with Howard Gardner about “good work” in law. Describing the meaning of good work and good citizenship, the effects of strong market pressures, and the way professional education shapes identity, Gardner stresses the need for institutions to […]

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Gardner on Education in the 21st Century

Howard Gardner talks about his latest research on higher education in the US in a featured guest blog on! Describing how he came to focus on studying higher education and the connections of that work to his wider endeavors on the Good Project, particularly related to the future of professions, Gardner connects those inquiries […]

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Living in the Digital Era

For the past several years, Howard Gardner has focused a lot of his research on the effects of the digital revolution on society, particularly as these changes relate to young people’s use of media, their sense of identity, and their civic participation habits. On projects like the Good Project’s Good Play investigation, the MacArthur Foundation’s […]

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The Power and Benefits of Beauty

Howard Gardner discussed “beauty” as one of three key virtues in his 2011 book Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Reframed. According to his conceptualization, beautiful things or experiences share three characteristics: they are interesting, memorable, and worth revisiting. Gardner’s work on beauty has subsequently been referenced in a November 2015 article on the Huffington Post‘s Healthy Living site. […]

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