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Journalism and Disinterestedness

What does it mean for a journalist to be “disinterested”? What is the purpose of maintaining a disinterested stance for journalism as a profession? Is there a time when journalists should break with disinterestedness as a value and voice an opinion? These are the questions that Howard Gardner asks in a new blog post via his […]

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Is Philanthropy a Profession?

Howard Gardner has released two posts on his blog “The Professional Ethicist” via The Good Project about the philanthropy sector. In these two pieces, Gardner outlines several different types of philanthropic giving strategies, some current trends in the sector, and his thoughts on whether philanthropy is a professional domain.  Click the links below to read the posts: […]

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Does Practice Make Perfect?

Is it a perennial question: are we born with advantages that allow us to become experts or geniuses in particular areas, is it all up to the training we receive, or is it a combination of both? A July 2016 magazine article in Time examines this question, prompted by the publication of the book Peak: Secrets from […]

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Gardner Presents at BbWorld Live 2016

In July 2016, Howard Gardner gave a virtual talk at the annual BbWorld Live conference, a convention organized by educational technology company BlackBoard and held this year in Las Vegas, NV. Speaking via pre-recorded webinar, Gardner’s presentation is entitled “Reflections on Multiple Intelligences Theory” and gives an overview of the theory, its implications, and the subsequent push he […]

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Combating “Selfie Culture”

Howard Gardner and Katie Davis’s 2013 book The App Generation has been referenced in a New York Post piece by columnist Naomi Shaefer Riley about digital narcissism among young people.  Describing constant self-photography as the new normal for youth, especially teenage girls, Riley laments the negative effects on self-esteem and risk-taking that can result from a […]

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